brewingThe Southern Bay Brewing Company service a number of discerning Breweries and quality outlets. We produce for the Australian domestic market and overseas suppliers and markets through various companies located in Australia or Overseas.

Our Master Brewers can create just about any beer or Malt based beverageyou want to sell.

We have plenty of operating capacity for multiple clients. The Brewery can produce millions of litres of beer per year. We have plenty of operating capacity for multiple clients.

While we currently produce our own brands, the size of our Brewery means that we will always have capacity for contract customers.

The Brewery has some features that you should demand when looking at bottling. These include:

  • Tunnel Pasteruisation
  • Nitro Dosing System      
  • Water and Beer Filtration
  • QA Procedures and Reports
  • Ability to handle different packaging needs

Our tunnel pasteuriser is all part of the procedures we use to ensure the product you order maintains its quality and integrity just like you want. We cater for the following size containers – 330ml is our standard, but we can bottle from 250ml to 640ml glass bottles. These come in green, flint or brown bottles, with crown seal, crown twist and ROPP caps. We can pack using shrink wrap, cardboard wrap. We are available for outsource agreements and are able to arrange appropriate freight, all catered for your specific requirements.

You can decide what involvement you have in the contract process and what you do or do not want to do. We can arrange everything from beer recipes, brewing, labels, bottles, caps, 4 or 6 packs, cartons and designs. You have direct access to the people that matter, we know that you are important and that's the way we treat you.

Fell free to call or email to talk about about what we can do. We are here to help.