50L Kegs - Brewing & Filling

Kegs-Filling-GeoffWe brew and produce 50 litre kegs. Our main keg market is in Melbourne and Country Victoria (Australia). Kegs may be supplied, with your choice of beer styles. PLEASE NOTE: Minimum Volumes Apply.

We are also able to fill ECOKEGS and other keg types and sizes from 20 litre to 50 litre, depending on your needs. We can also help source kegs for you at the right price. 


Kegs-Filling-Geoff Kegs-Filling Steel-tanks Kegs-Cleaning-Machine-100h

Southern Bay Brewing Co. have a great Keg Cleaning process. Not only do we clean the outside of your kegs to keep them looking good for you and your customers, but we also have a computer programmed semi automatic keg Cleaner, able to handle multiple kegs of various coupling types. 

Southern Bay will brew, clean, fill, pack and help transport when required. We cover all the bases. Talk to us about your requirements. Give us a call or email, we will be pleased to help.