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Requiem Pilsner

Requiem Pilsner

Lager is not dead. Just because the craft beer revolution gives you new and extreme beer experiences doesn't mean that you can't do something innovative with a classic style. We scoured the planet for the palest malt we could find to give this beer a subtle malt backbone and uber pale colour. Then we hopped it like an American Pale Ale with three different Hallertau varieties from Germany, Australia and New Zealand.  The result?  A hop forward Pilsner that challenges you to rethink the lager style.


Southern Ocean Ale

lr ocean-ale_bottle__glass1In this bottle, we’ve captured the essence of our Great Southern Land, bordered by the Southern Ocean. This micro-brewed pale ale’s warm malt character is shaped by the vastness of the open sea. Local, UK and German specialty malts are at its heart. A unique combination of NZ and US hops provide fruity aromatics with zingy grapefruit notes, which give way to a cleansing wave of bitterness.

Sea-born. Sensual. Sensational.

Enjoy a Southern Ocean Ale message in a bottle for your tastebuds - wherever you are in the world.



Southern Bay Draught

lr draught_bottle__glass1Southern Bay style means understanding that some things are best left unchanged. Lager is one of those things – an authentic thirst-quenching beverage that hits the spot, every time.

Southern Bay Draught is free of preservatives or additives. We brew it naturally to create the flavour you know you love.

Local malted barley and fresh New Zealand hops infuse its light-golden colour with malt sweetness and moderate crisp-finish bitterness.


Hop Bazooka IPA by Southern Bay

lr hop-bazooka_bottle__glass1The name Hop Bazooka was never meant to be a beer. How could it be ? Well soldier we are glad you asked.

In our vintage brewery we wanted a novel way to dry hop our beer. So we set out to build a CO2 powered instrument for this process and called it a "Hop Bazooka". We soon realised that it would be better to brew a really hoppy beer instead.

An exhuberant blend of Citra, Galaxy and Stella hops march superbly alongside locally malted barley sourced a stones throw away from our Geelong Brewery.



Beer Types (that we specialize in)

variety pack - low res  
Whatever Beer you are after, Southern Bay has the Brewing expertise to do it for you. We have a team of  specialised Brewers and Packaging staff that will help, please see the details on our 'Contact Us' page.

Customer Branded Lager

custom-branded-lagerA beer to satisfy the customers requirements. We present a palatable lager and help the venue establish their point of difference by offering it as their own.

There are many benefits for customers as it will be the pride of your establishment and gives the perception of being at the forefront of beer development.