Beer Types (that we specialize in)

  Southern Bay Pale Lager    Lager

A beverage of excellence and pleasure, brewed with Saaz hops used at the kettle stage provides a balanced Hop character using the time honoured lagering process, double filtered resulting in a rich premium beer.




alt    Draught

Full flavoured beer with good strength. A very crisp and refreshing golden beverage.





Southern Bay - Southern Ocean Ale     Ale

The traditional ale is a top fermented and bottle conditioned to achieve a natural ale taste. The long term exposure to ale yeast provides a complexity of flavours unique to bottle conditioned beers.




Beer, Brewed to your specific requirements

Our Brewery, on the contract of required volumes is able to brew to your specific requirements. We are able to brew various styles of beer to your specification, some of the styles available are: Lager, Ale, Wheat Beer, Porter, Pilsner, Stout, Hybrid beers and many others.