Why Choose Southern Bay Brewing Co?

  • We are able to bottle and pack using reliable equipment.
  • Micro-Biologist testing for ensured quality
  • One Hour from Melbourne and Port Melbourne,
  • Complete customer service – you choose how much involvement in the production, packing and transport of your product
  • A guaranteed unit price - no hidden extras
  • A Proven Brewing Team with years of experience

We can help you if....Kegs Cleaned and Filled

  • You have a great concept for a beverage but don't have the facilities to test or produce it themselves.
  • You are looking for a lower priced alternative.
  • You need extra capacity to bottle more of an existing beverage.
  • You are located overseas, but want an Australian produced beverage

loading-truckSouthern Bay are able to:

  • Brew and manufacturing your beer or alcoholic beverages
  • Produce carbonated and non-carbonated drinks
  • Procure components and ingredients
  • Final packaging and warehousing of products
  • Arrange Shipping and Transport