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Brewery-Line-Pics-2006-078-120 Southern Bay Brewing Company is an Australian Owned and operated brewery. We are not the largest Brewery in Victoria, but we do produce a large volume of beer and are used as the production facility for many Australian Breweries and some overseas companies.


Steel-tanks The Brewery has the capacity to brew over 8 million litres of quality naturally brewed beer each year. We are also able to expand this capacity on market demand.


The brewery is able to produce and store large quantities of product, so supply will never be an issue.


Our Brewery currently has the capacity to apply self-adhesive labels. We are able to apply your own label design to large orders.


loading-truckWe are able to arrange palletizing and shipping of beer. Being in close proximity to the Port of Melbourne, Australia we are able to supply our product to you in the quickest time available, at a reasonable cost.


Our Beers are subject to very strict quality control and laboratory microbiology testing throughout all stages of production. We specialise in craft beers and our Brewery is able to produce nearly any style that you are after.Brewery-Line-Pics-2006-123-120

Naturally Brewed

Our Beer is Naturally Brewed. As a rule we do not use preservatives unless specifically requested to do so.

Shelf LifeBrewery-Line-Pics-2006-210-120

Our beers are pasteurized prior to bottling, so the shelf life of the beer should last up to 2 years, even longer in the right conditions. Southern Bay also uses a Nitro Dosing System for bottle products to help ensure product integrity. Oxygen scavenging caps are also available on request.

Work ethic – courteous, friendly, prompt, efficient

Brewery-Line-Pics-2006-223-120The Management and staff at our Brewery will bend over backwards to help you. Feel free to ring or email and we will get back to you promptly.

Orders – on time delivery

Our staff are keen to fill all orders on time. Orders within Melbourne are normally delivered within one to two working days, Country Victoria is usually supplied within two to three days of initial order. Naturally this will depend on transport services to your area, but we will use our best endeavors to get you the product on time.

Location – near Port of Melbourne

Located in Moolap, the Brewery is within 1 hour of the Port of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Local and Overseas deliveries are catered for.


Containers can be packed and loaded at the Brewery prior to shipping. Transport is readily available.


Should you require further information, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Southern Bay Brewing Co.
80 Point Henry Road, Moolap  VIC  3224, AUSTRALIA

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Within Australia
Ph:  (03) 5248 5710
Fax: (03) 5248 5400

Ph:  61.3.52485 710
Fax: 61.3.5248 5400